According to the 2020 US Census, the percent of the population greater than 65 years is 16.5%, which will jump to 22% by 2050. According to the US Census Bureau, by 2034 the percentage of the population 65 years and older will surpass the percent of the population of children. As a nation, we are getting older. That means that we need to make changes in our lifestyle as we age. We won’t be able to do things we did when we were younger. Usually, people as they age would go to a special adult facility where they would stay there till their death. It is a very costly alternative with fees ranging from 5k per month, coupled with isolation and boredom. According to the AARP Survey, 90% of the population aged 65 and over would prefer to stay at home (age in place) rather than go to a special facility.

Aging in place is defined by the CDC as the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level. It is not surprising to find that people will prefer to stay at home; it is the only place where they feel comfortable and relaxed. They know their home as well as the community, they have friends all around, plus they are in a setting that is not alien to them. Consequently, they have a higher level of satisfaction and morale. However, some people who have major ailments might not have a choice.

In order to age in place, the people will need to spend money on the renovation of their homes so they will be comfortable for the occupants. The basic idea is to see how your needs will be changing in the near future and then designing in such a way as to take care of the need. If you continue to do it, you can live in your home for a long time. Just for example, if a couple thinks that they will need a walker or wheelchair in the future, then they will need to renovate their home keeping the walker or the wheelchair in the mind. The walker/wheelchair needs to pass easily through a door, so they will need to put extra wide doors in their home, their bathrooms need to be rearranged so that the person on the wheelchair can enter and exit easily, the vanity needs to be changed and the faucets need to be lowered in order for the person to use it. The bathtub needs to be removed or a new standing shower to be constructed with lower faucets so that the person can use it. Most important is the location of the bathroom which should be on the ground floor, and if it is not on the ground floor, then arrangements will need to be made to shift it to the ground floor. Changes will need to be made to the kitchen as well where the height of the shelves/cabinets will need to be adjusted so that the person can use them. Similarly, the height of the stove will need to be adjusted and all other accessories in the kitchen that the person will want to use. They need to be within his/her reach in order to use it. The kitchen should have enough space so that a person can move the wheelchair between the stove and the landing. The kitchen needs to be on the ground level as well. The laundry room needs to be renovated so the washing machine and dryer are at a suitable height, along with the cabinets, so that a person can use it comfortably. The most important element of aging in place is safety; if the design is not safe for the person using it, then it is a bad design. So just to satisfy one need you need to design so many elements in a house. I only touched on the bathroom, kitchen, & laundry room, however, changes could be made to the bedroom, entryway, garage & living room. If you have problems with eyesight, then another set of modifications needs to be made. Every home will have a different design based on what needs are to be met.

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